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A stone

Posted: November 23, 2012 by nishu in Love - poems
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You were my world,
You only was there,
In my heart and soul,
None else ever there .

You only had no space ,
In your life for me spare.
Life pushed me away,
Even your consent was there.

The sensitive heart hurt damn severe,
The tears drowned soul and nothing left there,
So much injury the little heart bear,
Than turned to stone so now a stone just here !!

1. Hypocrite world

Posted: October 25, 2012 by nishu in Hypocrisy-poems
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Good and bad,
pure of different kinds, all weathers and seasons, conspire human mind. hypocrite is this world,
hypocrisy is its design !!

Blood runs more on streets,
than in veins of human kind,
hypocrisy is the rule, whatever one may define. Hypocrite is this world,
hypocrisy its design !!

Blood runs more on streets,
than in veins of human kind,
hypocrisy is the rule, whatever one may define. Hypocrite is this world,
hypocrisy its design !!

Doing something else,
from what they are assign,
crying for someone else,
from those they say whine,
hypocrite is each one,
in a hypocrite design !!

Hate those they say,
completely you are mine,
betrayal is the aim,
any story will be fine,
hypocrisy is the religion,
hypocrisy is its kind !!

Lets see how long he waits, how much patience has divine. Lets see how long it goes,
and when he puts on fine. He made human great , who knew inhumanity will one day shine, hypocrisy is our religion , hypocrisy is our kind !!!


Wrapped are the lovers,
in sheets of troubles ,
longing for love they suffer,
carrying love in hearts,
burdened as world puzzles !!

Never want to fight,
Just a chance to
rediscover ,
their own new concepts,
new life they want to usher,
wrapped are the lovers,
in different gloomy colors ,
when world act as love crusher!!

Lovers scream though,
They are not for chuckle,
Love is and was,
A fiery long struggle ,
See love with love,
Not as timely bubble ,
Love is eternal ,
People may make it muddle,
Their each prayer say,
Let the lovers snuggle !!



I’ve some questions to raise,
To whole human race,
Which is believed to be great,
Though more than half are fake !!

I want to know why human are born hypocrites?
why are they never straight?
What is the reason behind wearing a mask on their face?
Why overflowing with greed?
From here what can they take?
And still we repeat human are great !!

Why cannot they speak truth?
Why the hell they hesitate?
On it, pretend, doing for others sake,
everything kept on stake,
When will the souls wake?
The world is what we make,
The egos will break,
When earth will shake,
Skies will quake,
Every bit will losé shape,
Thatday will come soon ,
If humanity wont awake !!!!


4. The deepest misery

Posted: September 28, 2012 by nishu in heart-poems
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One of the deepest miseries , one suffer infact , Is bearing a relation , From years which is dead !! The broken desires weep, The hopes too yell, For being left unwed , To say words unsaid !! The heart haunt soul, The thirst for love excel , The torment infinite, Each moment turns hell !! And world still believe , God is impartial , The truth stays unheard, In screeching temple bells !!!! *senora*

23. Do you know what is life??

Posted: September 24, 2012 by senosays in Life - Poems
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Some once asked me what is life ,
though confused I replied,
Life is a tear that we hide,
a wishful comPromise,
Its a game that no one play wise,
A scene that goes through our eYes,
Its also a dream we dream alive,
AS soon as over ,
we see god beside,
We see world from above,
the seven skies.
Than we recognise ,
what really is life!!!!


6. Left unread

Posted: September 22, 2012 by nishu in My favourite poems
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Alive but dead,
Happy but sad,
Lonely in crowd,
hiding sorrow`s each shred !!

Breaking inside ,
Wearing smiles perfect, big eyes gleaming , inward red !! Appearance though bold, trembling each tread, breathing so tough, with dreams unwed !! interpreting world, herself unread, imitations proceed , trueness misread !!!! *senora*

2. a wish to die

Posted: September 21, 2012 by nishu in Introspective poems
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Why dont we first decide,
Is it life or death is nice,
We fear death,
Complain about life,
Are we clear ,
with the concepts ,
are they right??

I feel I’ve a passion to die,
I wana see the world
god hide,
Moreover, there is nothing,
That make me feel alive,
may be a better world waiting that side !!


1. Abandoned soul

Posted: September 20, 2012 by nishu in Introspective poems
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Firstly, the stress was more,
And on it, the heart was pure!! waiting to get genuine share of love,
For rest of the things, no lure !!

Unknown to realities of life ,
the faith in god’s justice was sure,
one day will come,
When smiles will adore !!

Cruel teacher was life,
shown world so impure ,
With sharpest eyes too,
All seem obscure !!

To trust god is one’s ease,
but he never insure ,
Situations worse or worst,
no options just endure,
countless injuries altogether,
To abandon one inure !!



Earthly world puts worldly spell, The warmth of life embraces as well . Assumptions of your and mine than dwell, fight for life begin in mortals !! The materialistic place lures like hell, lost in all worldly aspects, cannot hear the sound of knell !! *senora*