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23. Do you know what is life??

Posted: September 24, 2012 by senosays in Life - Poems
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Some once asked me what is life ,
though confused I replied,
Life is a tear that we hide,
a wishful comPromise,
Its a game that no one play wise,
A scene that goes through our eYes,
Its also a dream we dream alive,
AS soon as over ,
we see god beside,
We see world from above,
the seven skies.
Than we recognise ,
what really is life!!!!



so what if every moment is disguise ,
so what if every second give us surprise,
so what if people cheat you to heights ,
so what if tears flow from your eyes,
and what if no one in the world seems wise ,
life is a tradegy in itself ,
and you ought to survive !!!!!!