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4. Let me write

Posted: November 21, 2012 by nishu in Random
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Let me write,just let me write,
Till time I am here,
Till the time I am wise,
Let me write, just let me write!!

You may leave,
After reading me twice,
Like all others go,
After speaking words nice, but
I will write, just write and write!!

These words will stay mine,
Rest all is melting ice,
None can accompany,
My eyes recognise!!

Alone was one born,
Lone he has to die,
Completing the journey alone,
each moment demands compromise,
nothing should I expect,
I must always revise,
And keep self occupied,
So thought to write !!

This world is disguise,
Relations too I recognise,
One’s tears never seen,
In other’s eyes,
true heart cry,
Lies own hike,
None worth share,
Its better to just write,
I have made these writings my life,
I write to keep me alive,
And so I write,
Please let me write !!!


Please let me write!!



Some people live without a wish to survive ,
Others few die with an aw for life.
the conspirator plans,
The game so wild.

He evokes desires in hearts and eyes,
Than throw them away from our sight.
Himself create truth and with it lies,
than blames us saying its we who build disguise .

Love or hate he lighten in souls from above the skies,
We are only puppets who dance on his voice.
Almighty lord has a deep insight,
We cannot even control our birth and day to die.


4. The deepest misery

Posted: September 28, 2012 by nishu in heart-poems
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One of the deepest miseries , one suffer infact , Is bearing a relation , From years which is dead !! The broken desires weep, The hopes too yell, For being left unwed , To say words unsaid !! The heart haunt soul, The thirst for love excel , The torment infinite, Each moment turns hell !! And world still believe , God is impartial , The truth stays unheard, In screeching temple bells !!!! *senora* will be fair

Posted: September 17, 2012 by nishu in Hope poems
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One fine day,
this world would be fair, known by our deeds,
not whose we are heir,
Relations wont suffer, traditions unfair,
Hearts wont be bound,
to leave what they care!!

One fine day,
this world would be fair,
Nations, traditions, limits, would not interfere,
love would prevail,
Violence disappear,
Hearts would be obeyed,
like offering god a prayer!!

One fine day ,
this world would be fair ,
Free from cruelty,
selfishness not even rare,
Tears , sorrow , wounds,
some terms unaware, piousness will rule,
and purity will flare,
One fine day ,
this world would be fair !!


2. Humane heart

Posted: September 12, 2012 by nishu in Spiritual poems
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A heart must be called heart,
If it is humane! It must be equally concerned, for self and others pain !! Honour for one’s feelings, must be a human’s aim ! Sincerity in one’s actions, every person should attain!! If our life precious , why other’s life a game, if we stand up for our rights, why for others don’t complain!! *senora*

3. Shades of a character

Posted: September 7, 2012 by nishu in Random
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Various shades stuffed in each character,
Some known to all,
others unknown even to possessor,
None knows self so well,
As knows the mentor !!

Shade of love is red,
love as puré as nature,
Though not easily found ,
If found is a mixture!!

Shade of trust,
Shade of truth,
sincerity and piousness ,
Contentment and laughter,
Are the shades lighter !!

Shades of greed,
Shades of sin,
Impurity and cruelty,
Tears and inhumanity ,
Are the shades darker !!

Fights between both,
Wins usually darker,
Easy to hide bad marks,
Help us run faster !!


3. Endless dreams

Posted: August 22, 2012 by nishu in Desire - poems
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As long as m on earth..
I dream everyday..
I dream to fly
Up in the sky..
I dream to touch
The words of my soul.
As long as i am on this earth!
Sometimes i dream
While asleep but
Other times m awake.
I see the impurities
Of human as a being.
I dream of truth
I dream of joy
I dream of purity
That can never die.
As long as i am on this earth
I dream & dream a beautiful world

15. Don’t try to make me smile

Posted: August 20, 2012 by nishu in Life - Poems
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Dont tell me any ways to smilei’ve seen every path of life, i hate it, just hate i wish it to stay out of my sight, i know its a thing thats fake i know its actual truth inside, its fake , its fake i know its as fake as life!!!!!!!

1. Lost & dead

Posted: August 15, 2012 by nishu in Depression-poems
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I wish not to feel,
And not to be felt ,
I wish to be forgotten,
And to completely forget !!
I wish to be lost ,
Lost never to get ,
No memories behind ,
No remembrance left !!
This place is not for me,
Or I am not worth like rest,
Only breaths disturb,
otherwise I am dead !!


8. Misunderstandings

Posted: July 26, 2012 by nishu in About me - poems
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”I realise at this moment how wrong i’ve been,
no address i’ve got of truth,
when started moving towards its being.

A mist of lies surrounded me,
and i assumed weather was clean.

got drowned in misunderstandings countless,
& thought i’ve clearly seen.

I fancied love in just vain,
every aspect was unclean.

need go back from where i left,
atleast that path was never so mean.

Love and faith still reside there,
that pair of eyes still see me in dream.

Though path doesn’t belong to me,
but atleast no betrayal between.