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4. Let me write

Posted: November 21, 2012 by nishu in Random
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Let me write,just let me write,
Till time I am here,
Till the time I am wise,
Let me write, just let me write!!

You may leave,
After reading me twice,
Like all others go,
After speaking words nice, but
I will write, just write and write!!

These words will stay mine,
Rest all is melting ice,
None can accompany,
My eyes recognise!!

Alone was one born,
Lone he has to die,
Completing the journey alone,
each moment demands compromise,
nothing should I expect,
I must always revise,
And keep self occupied,
So thought to write !!

This world is disguise,
Relations too I recognise,
One’s tears never seen,
In other’s eyes,
true heart cry,
Lies own hike,
None worth share,
Its better to just write,
I have made these writings my life,
I write to keep me alive,
And so I write,
Please let me write !!!


Please let me write!!

22. I am no one

Posted: October 27, 2012 by nishu in About me - poems
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No place for me.
no one am i,
neither ground was given, nor mine was the sky!!


Many tears were gifted,
to let smiles dry,
many dreams were ruined , and desires tend to die!!

All aspects were viewed, prior to apply,
each path was designed,
to ensure me sigh!!


All the while in this adventure called life,
Surrounded with feelings we walk on our side.
Dreams hover our senses,
in numerous shapes and size,

What a mysterious journey is life !!!

Views,overviews,class and style,
So wonderful are some paths,
So tragic are some sides.
forever beautiful for few ,
flooding water from few eyes.

How mysterious is life !!!

While we busy in loving,
Others may cook disguise .
While we busy in crying,
laughters may come on our side.
Nothing do we know ,
Except that god decide.

How mysterious is life !!!

Millions of questions raise in mind,
thousands aspects of wrong and right,
Endless battles with ourselves we fight,
Trying to know the secrets god hide.
Moving on and covering the mile.s.

How mysterious is this adventure called life !!!


26. Don’t fall in love !!

Posted: October 14, 2012 by nishu in Love - poems
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When Love is true,
Its a grace.
And destroy one’s life,
If its fake.

It gives beauty to thoughts,
empower one with dreams even while awake.
Or it puts numerous tears in an eye,
Worth making a lake.

Love blesses hopes in heart,
The desires none can take .
Or create such wounds in heart,
You cannot bear whose ache.

This or that, in both its ways,
Its has the power to build or break.
It has a hold on each of our sense,
Try not to fall for god’s sake !!



Posted: October 8, 2012 by nishu in My favourite poems
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I am not an illusion,
I am not a dream,
but people around say,
I am a tragedy queen !!

My life never allowed,
To show the pain I am in,
million wounds tearing inside,
but pain couldn’t be seen !!

When soul getting scratched ,
I had no rights to scream.
On it a voice whispered,
your tears mustn’t gleam !!

I smiled bearing torment ,
to keep my self esteem .
The life took wrong turn,
I wish it could be forseen !!



Pleasing sorrows ,dying is life,
Beautiful ! Beautiful ! Beautiful disguise !!

What to say and what to hide,
Beautiful ! Beautiful ! Beautiful disguise !!

Costly is hate and love lost price ,
Beautiful ! Beautiful ! Beautiful disguise !!

Dark are days and nights so bright,
Beautiful ! Beautiful ! Beautiful disguise !!

lieng truths and gloomy smiles,
Beautiful ! Beautiful ! Beautiful disguise !!

Laughters cry with tears in eyes,
What a big mystery is life !!!!

Hate for love is seen in eyes,
Beautiful ! Beautiful ! Beautiful disguise !!


19. seeking help

Posted: September 25, 2012 by nishu in About me - poems
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I prayed god to spare me from tears,
And he blessed me with the power to bear.
I begged him to rescue me from getting hurt ,
And he made my senses numb.

I urged the saviour to keep me from lonliness ,
And he made me used to it.
I appealed the almighty not to seperate me from my loved ones,
And he as precaution deprived me from having one .

I so humbly wished the immortal to give me a dreamy life,
And he made me live only in dreams.
Atlast I wished to release me from this life,
And he released me from a desire to survive!!


1. Life worth hate

Posted: September 17, 2012 by nishu in Just for my mom
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I`ve captured in my eyes ,
Some scenes that changed the definitions of life !!
I remember the day,
I saw her face ,
was she my mom ,
Or i commited a mistake??
Such blank were her eyes,
She saw me but didnt smile, the first blow on heart ever did i take,
i remember the day,
I saw her face!
I felt my legs were trembling,
got bend and touched her face, than fed her with my hands,
Smiling for her sake!
A fight proceeded for life,
thereafter for a couple of days,
She was was so young and beautiful,
and life ugly and cruel, worth enough to hate!!


22.Love god

Posted: September 12, 2012 by nishu in Love - poems
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If love was a song,
The lyrics would be pure,
Wordings would be clear,
Confusions no more !!

If love was air,
The fragrance would adore,
No one would stand against, No heart would be sore !!
If love would be god,
Prayers would endure, life would become worship, nothing would be impure !! *senora*

Prays to die

Posted: September 10, 2012 by nishu in Depression-poems
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Each breath prays to die,
each tear absorbed in eye,
each hope turned its way was shy,
was life given just to sigh!! The love ended always in goodbye, The land of heart forever was dry, The drops of love never dropped from sky, The desert of life was always dry !! Tears enter but smiles deny, Its not our place they whispered to joy, we cannot go even if try, some people meaninglessly live and die!!!!!!*senora*