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5. It fell from my eye

Posted: August 29, 2012 by nishu in My favourite poems
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And in the end….
It dropped from my eye,
It had a shape like tear,
But it was the last hope to life…….
My all senses cried ,
And said ,
They cannot now survive!!
they cannot now survive!!!!



14. Tears and lovers

Posted: August 17, 2012 by nishu in Love - poems
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“If you love someone much quite,
Dont let them alone all the while,
if they’ll learn with those tears to survive ,
With same tears they will spend whole life !!!!”


3. Without reasons

Posted: August 11, 2012 by nishu in Sad - poems
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Sad without reasons,
hurt all the while,
when did I lose ,
Each of my smile!!

Beauty was never ,
There in the life ,
Still some hopes ,
kept me survive !!

The land of sorrow,
Was never so fertile,
the sea of tears ,
Got deeper each mile!!

Was it a fault ,
To get here a life,
If given another name,
It should be called dark night !!!!