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23. Its not really life

Posted: October 31, 2012 by nishu in About me - poems
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Giving a life ,
was not the aim.
He wanted to establish,
an example in main.

In the world full of sorrow,
i’ll be remembered a biggest loser,
talking about the limits of distress,
i’ll be used as an idol,
who suffered most pain !!

Giving a life,
wasn’t the aim.
He wanted to establish,
an example in main !!

For comforting aching hearts,
and supporting broken spirits,
to tell them how conditions are still better,
than that miserable soul,
they will use my name !!

Giving a life,
was not the aim.
He wanted to establish,
an example in main !!


1.Falling into ashes

Posted: October 20, 2012 by nishu in Depression-poems
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Looking straight ,sitting in center,
surrounded with the bits of me that scattered,
not even like a wall i fell,
bits fell like dropping drops of water !!

Some spread here, some there,
hollowing me by efforting together,
watching all show silently ,unmoved,
wanting to know the limits one can shatter !!

Never felt a need to join my bits,
life is terrible death appears better,
viewing myself turning to ashes,
with world would change my heart’s weather !!!!



Pleasing sorrows ,dying is life,
Beautiful ! Beautiful ! Beautiful disguise !!

What to say and what to hide,
Beautiful ! Beautiful ! Beautiful disguise !!

Costly is hate and love lost price ,
Beautiful ! Beautiful ! Beautiful disguise !!

Dark are days and nights so bright,
Beautiful ! Beautiful ! Beautiful disguise !!

lieng truths and gloomy smiles,
Beautiful ! Beautiful ! Beautiful disguise !!

Laughters cry with tears in eyes,
What a big mystery is life !!!!

Hate for love is seen in eyes,
Beautiful ! Beautiful ! Beautiful disguise !!


5. gloomy eyes

Posted: September 29, 2012 by nishu in Sad - poems
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Gloomy eyes faking shimmer, deep down sorrow hiding severe,
they speak only the speech of heart,
they know the ends ,
they know the starts,
they seem blank and blue, stressed of concealing ,
the secrets from spark !!

Mouth never say ,
eyes may start ,
the marks of pain ,
tearing them apart,
if eyes could speak ,
they must have told ,
how they were crushed ,
under feet so hard !!

Gloomy eyes,
are the mirror of heart ,
they’ve a question,
but none to ask!!!!!!


6. Left unread

Posted: September 22, 2012 by nishu in My favourite poems
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Alive but dead,
Happy but sad,
Lonely in crowd,
hiding sorrow`s each shred !!

Breaking inside ,
Wearing smiles perfect, big eyes gleaming , inward red !! Appearance though bold, trembling each tread, breathing so tough, with dreams unwed !! interpreting world, herself unread, imitations proceed , trueness misread !!!! *senora* will be fair

Posted: September 17, 2012 by nishu in Hope poems
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One fine day,
this world would be fair, known by our deeds,
not whose we are heir,
Relations wont suffer, traditions unfair,
Hearts wont be bound,
to leave what they care!!

One fine day,
this world would be fair,
Nations, traditions, limits, would not interfere,
love would prevail,
Violence disappear,
Hearts would be obeyed,
like offering god a prayer!!

One fine day ,
this world would be fair ,
Free from cruelty,
selfishness not even rare,
Tears , sorrow , wounds,
some terms unaware, piousness will rule,
and purity will flare,
One fine day ,
this world would be fair !!


2. New world

Posted: September 12, 2012 by nishu in Hope poems
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A new world would be there,
So far away from this one,
So that no one could ever peep here,
Even if it remains the last part to be aware!!

No rules, no laws, no nations and tribes exist where,
Only language of love would prevail everywhere,
No traditions to bind your desires,
No religión not to be loved anywhere!!

Nothing would kill your love affair,
As there wont be relations unfair,
All would have a reason to smile,
No regrets, no sorrow, just life, just atmosphere !!


3. Shades of a character

Posted: September 7, 2012 by nishu in Random
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Various shades stuffed in each character,
Some known to all,
others unknown even to possessor,
None knows self so well,
As knows the mentor !!

Shade of love is red,
love as puré as nature,
Though not easily found ,
If found is a mixture!!

Shade of trust,
Shade of truth,
sincerity and piousness ,
Contentment and laughter,
Are the shades lighter !!

Shades of greed,
Shades of sin,
Impurity and cruelty,
Tears and inhumanity ,
Are the shades darker !!

Fights between both,
Wins usually darker,
Easy to hide bad marks,
Help us run faster !!


3. Without reasons

Posted: August 11, 2012 by nishu in Sad - poems
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Sad without reasons,
hurt all the while,
when did I lose ,
Each of my smile!!

Beauty was never ,
There in the life ,
Still some hopes ,
kept me survive !!

The land of sorrow,
Was never so fertile,
the sea of tears ,
Got deeper each mile!!

Was it a fault ,
To get here a life,
If given another name,
It should be called dark night !!!!


3. Hidden truth

Posted: August 9, 2012 by nishu in My favourite poems
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Its a grip of never-ending sorrow, that surrounds me in main!! The smiles that i carryon my lips, they absorb a hidden pain!! These eyes were full of beautiful dreams, i don’t want to see those dreams again!! Life is so long and tough as though, i want to escape without bargain!! *senora*