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1.the place we live

Posted: September 8, 2012 by nishu in Spiritual poems
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We live in such a magnificient world ,
On the land we live is known as earth,
All those who are born so just ,
Their search start right from the birth !!
Infact its an unknown search ,
Some think they are searching peace,
Others believe its wealth that they search,
A few are found searching for fame,
Many say searching god is worth !!
We search it here and there we search,
To questions unknown answers we search,
The life ends somewhere between this search,
We never realise we search for love!!!!!!



The forest of life is dark and dense,
For each step taken is charged an expense,
Sometimes loniliness sometimes people make us tense,
Eyes search for love pure and intense .

Breaths are gifted but life takes long to commence,
Neither truth nor honesty is today’s trend,
Not even breaking heart or trust is offense,
I wonder its really life or just its incense !!

*senora* for spark

Posted: August 8, 2012 by nishu in My favourite poems
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All seems blue,
all seems dark,
what i search is,
just a spark.
just a spark,
who know my heart,
heart so sensitive,
as made of glass .
just a spark,
to share life harsh,
harsh is the world,
lone is the path.
just a spark,
enlightened and true,
truth only desire,
is it so hard??
just a spark,
to hold when fall,
not just hold the body or its part,
Spark i want who can hold my heart.
just a spark,
who is god’s art,
art thats pure,
can be my spark!!!!!