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All the while in this adventure called life,
Surrounded with feelings we walk on our side.
Dreams hover our senses,
in numerous shapes and size,

What a mysterious journey is life !!!

Views,overviews,class and style,
So wonderful are some paths,
So tragic are some sides.
forever beautiful for few ,
flooding water from few eyes.

How mysterious is life !!!

While we busy in loving,
Others may cook disguise .
While we busy in crying,
laughters may come on our side.
Nothing do we know ,
Except that god decide.

How mysterious is life !!!

Millions of questions raise in mind,
thousands aspects of wrong and right,
Endless battles with ourselves we fight,
Trying to know the secrets god hide.
Moving on and covering the mile.s.

How mysterious is this adventure called life !!!




Pleasing sorrows ,dying is life,
Beautiful ! Beautiful ! Beautiful disguise !!

What to say and what to hide,
Beautiful ! Beautiful ! Beautiful disguise !!

Costly is hate and love lost price ,
Beautiful ! Beautiful ! Beautiful disguise !!

Dark are days and nights so bright,
Beautiful ! Beautiful ! Beautiful disguise !!

lieng truths and gloomy smiles,
Beautiful ! Beautiful ! Beautiful disguise !!

Laughters cry with tears in eyes,
What a big mystery is life !!!!

Hate for love is seen in eyes,
Beautiful ! Beautiful ! Beautiful disguise !!


14. The path of life

Posted: August 19, 2012 by nishu in Life - Poems
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Of all the hopes those shine in an eye,
and all the dreams of sights those cross by,
Of all the glittering drops those block our view of sky,
and all the beautiful wishes blooming in hearts of you and I !!!!
Of all the pious intentions those always we apply ,
And all sacred meanings our souls supply,
Of all those little deeds for others help we try ,
And all the paths of life we somewhere justify !!!!
All that we possess and whatever we made of I,
we ourselves are the creators of our each and every sigh.
Of the soil of human emotions that we all comply ,
life is an old mystery we just are passers-by !!!!


2. He never reply

Posted: July 31, 2012 by nishu in Sad - poems
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A tear that was absorbed within the eye,
A bird that had no permission to fly,
Someone who experienced death before he could die,
A star without the sky.
A kite that has never seen the sky ,
A meet after a definite goodbye,
such are the mysteries of god ,
we don’t get the answers we wish, even if we panic or sigh!!


6. Life is a mystery

Posted: July 29, 2012 by nishu in Life - Poems
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Life is mystery to tackle,
A story we baffle,
A journey that frazzle,
We make which a battle.

Sometimes it reveals,
At times turns dazzle,
ITS a gift without a wrapper,
The silence with numerous crackles.