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9. Missed moments

Posted: October 13, 2012 by nishu in Teasers
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Some moments lived,
some were missed,
not realise when partially die,
though some live now too,
in these eyes !!

Some paths were broken,
some were too high,
the ups and downs on the way,
and above all the human lie !!

Bodies quite alert,
but souls tend to die,
awakening of souls ,
has got human goodbye !!

Beginings gleamy shine,
endings were once shy,
that was a time to worship,
this is a place to die !!




Don’t you miss me ,
there lies no reason. You did it by wish, there wasn’t any intrusion .

Love can be but , betrayal cannot be an illusion.
Broken mirrors and broken faith , have to face deffusion .

Come out!! Come out !! come out of the world of assumptions , I am on my way, whose destination is seclusion!!