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2. the bleeding heart

Posted: September 1, 2012 by senoranishu in heart-poems
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The heart almost bleeding ,
The mind was so tense,
like tears were asking if they can commence ,
When a life was ruined in dark deep silence !!

The stars were shining ,
And flowers had incense,
The weather so pleasant ,
When happened that offense!!

The soul asked the heart ,
Why you made love intense,
To love someone truly,
Is now an offense!!

You’re the real faulter,
You had not sense,
When crime has been done,
Now pay its expense!!!!!


We all have colorful desires,
whether big or small ,
They work like wires,
capture human mind,
and become umpire !!

Some are tempting desires,
can make us run on fire,
not always they are bad,
At times attract and inspire !!

Some are bloody desires,
Even take what we aquire ,
Misguides us with their shine,
And snatch all peace,
when we admire!!

These glistening desires,
can shape a life entire ,
they never retire,
till we expire !!!!


4. a Scream

Posted: July 28, 2012 by nishu in Humanity-poems
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Its not story, its a scream,
Its a fact, not a dream.

May be on different themes,
”We are flowing blood in streams.

Not just blood that we flow,
We are flowing self esteem.

Humanity dying in darkness,
devils developing regime.

If devils of mind won’t die,
The sun of love won’t gleam”