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1.just a request

Posted: October 5, 2012 by nishu in Being-lonely-poems
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You know not loniliness I suffer in main,
not aware how pain runs in my veins,
every time I smiled I got blames ,
A numbness surrounds when less felt pain ,
its just a request don’t revive me again !!!!

19. seeking help

Posted: September 25, 2012 by nishu in About me - poems
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I prayed god to spare me from tears,
And he blessed me with the power to bear.
I begged him to rescue me from getting hurt ,
And he made my senses numb.

I urged the saviour to keep me from lonliness ,
And he made me used to it.
I appealed the almighty not to seperate me from my loved ones,
And he as precaution deprived me from having one .

I so humbly wished the immortal to give me a dreamy life,
And he made me live only in dreams.
Atlast I wished to release me from this life,
And he released me from a desire to survive!!



The forest of life is dark and dense,
For each step taken is charged an expense,
Sometimes loniliness sometimes people make us tense,
Eyes search for love pure and intense .

Breaths are gifted but life takes long to commence,
Neither truth nor honesty is today’s trend,
Not even breaking heart or trust is offense,
I wonder its really life or just its incense !!