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26. Don’t fall in love !!

Posted: October 14, 2012 by nishu in Love - poems
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When Love is true,
Its a grace.
And destroy one’s life,
If its fake.

It gives beauty to thoughts,
empower one with dreams even while awake.
Or it puts numerous tears in an eye,
Worth making a lake.

Love blesses hopes in heart,
The desires none can take .
Or create such wounds in heart,
You cannot bear whose ache.

This or that, in both its ways,
Its has the power to build or break.
It has a hold on each of our sense,
Try not to fall for god’s sake !!



4. The deepest misery

Posted: September 28, 2012 by nishu in heart-poems
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One of the deepest miseries , one suffer infact , Is bearing a relation , From years which is dead !! The broken desires weep, The hopes too yell, For being left unwed , To say words unsaid !! The heart haunt soul, The thirst for love excel , The torment infinite, Each moment turns hell !! And world still believe , God is impartial , The truth stays unheard, In screeching temple bells !!!! *senora*

5. It fell from my eye

Posted: August 29, 2012 by nishu in My favourite poems
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And in the end….
It dropped from my eye,
It had a shape like tear,
But it was the last hope to life…….
My all senses cried ,
And said ,
They cannot now survive!!
they cannot now survive!!!!


12. Its hard

Posted: August 16, 2012 by nishu in Life - Poems
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And now when I look back,
I see that darkest path,
I smile at myself ,
Though want to laugh hard !!
how foolish can be hopes,
how evil can be hearts ,
they spread like sand castles,
and you think they wont lasr!!

And now when I look back,
I see that time I passed,
Such heartless were the things , they turned me stony hard !!
How hurting can be betrayals,
when they come from those ours,
They died in mid of the way ,
And said they were our parts!!