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4. the other world

Posted: August 24, 2012 by senoranishu in My favourite poems
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No one should feel low,
and no tears should flow,
on the day of my release,
on the day I will go.

We all are the stars,
For sometime we glow.
Our deeds are the flames,
their destiny is to blow.

The body needs rest,
the soul has to go.
Up above the sky,
who wait who know.


Wondering to see the mirror,
amazed to look at self,
I cannot see my identity,
instead a burning candle is kept!!
Is it a pleasant surprise,
some magic or some spell,
May be similarities of lives,
making me see that!!
A poor burning candle,
whose fate makes her melt,
each moment throughout life,
its bound to burn and melt!!
No one knows her story,
flames that burn her dead,
she keeps throwing light,
until just ashes are left!!


2. Flame of love

Posted: July 23, 2012 by nishu in Love - poems
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In gleaming sunshines,
and in moonlit soothing nights,
keeping all its feelings aside,
a heart asks its soul,
are you sure the love flame burns on both sides??
I want to assure ,
the melody of love ,
that i hear in my soul,
that song is heard ,
also on the other side??
At times i feel drowned in love,
sometimes silences become a fright, i fear the pain of love hearts i cried, the tale of betrayal is known worldwide!!!! *senora*