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Earthly world puts worldly spell, The warmth of life embraces as well . Assumptions of your and mine than dwell, fight for life begin in mortals !! The materialistic place lures like hell, lost in all worldly aspects, cannot hear the sound of knell !! *senora*

15. The flood

Posted: August 19, 2012 by nishu in About me - poems
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It was a flood of emotions,
and waves were so high ,
I lost control on myself ,
and they played with me as a toy!!

They flowed me throughout,
I stayed unware whether earth or sky ,
nothing was so effective on my being,
but these waves made me sigh!!

I still fight with the same flood it covers me at times I cry,
Emotions made my life a hell,
On it, never let me die !!!!


4 . Can’t fight

Posted: July 29, 2012 by nishu in Life - Poems
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Neither me nor someone else in this world,
Can fight with the luck.

Your and mine each life is tough,
each of us run to make bucks.

The travel is on ground,
But destination is there up.

Happiness we enjoy,
Sorrows though suck .

Still we fear to die
Called as stupids thus!!!!