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4. Why it happen ??

Posted: August 22, 2012 by nishu in Desire - poems
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Why some desires remain just desires, why some pains never leave you, why we cant forget the ones we want to, why tears fall out when the soul is thirsty, why are those alive for whom the lifewas never worthy!!!!!! *senora* for spark

Posted: August 8, 2012 by nishu in My favourite poems
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All seems blue,
all seems dark,
what i search is,
just a spark.
just a spark,
who know my heart,
heart so sensitive,
as made of glass .
just a spark,
to share life harsh,
harsh is the world,
lone is the path.
just a spark,
enlightened and true,
truth only desire,
is it so hard??
just a spark,
to hold when fall,
not just hold the body or its part,
Spark i want who can hold my heart.
just a spark,
who is god’s art,
art thats pure,
can be my spark!!!!!

I know not if life is life, i can’t even say surely that death is death, i never experienced life nor deathcame to me ever!! What i know is a world, thats so high above the seven skies, i feel someone callsme there, a bright world i see, where all people smile, i see even my mom there smiling, whenever i feel tired of everything, i see my mom’s smiling face, she says dont worry , just a bit more and ur reaching here, here where i am there your sorrow will be no more, u’ll be happy m spreading my arms, Don’t fall, don’t break, just a bit more and your destination will come, these thorny paths of life will be no more, your feet will get hurt no more becauseof life’s cruel ways, and than ……….look up m waiting for you in this beautiful world ,its all yours and me too!!!