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I’ve some questions to raise,
To whole human race,
Which is believed to be great,
Though more than half are fake !!

I want to know why human are born hypocrites?
why are they never straight?
What is the reason behind wearing a mask on their face?
Why overflowing with greed?
From here what can they take?
And still we repeat human are great !!

Why cannot they speak truth?
Why the hell they hesitate?
On it, pretend, doing for others sake,
everything kept on stake,
When will the souls wake?
The world is what we make,
The egos will break,
When earth will shake,
Skies will quake,
Every bit will losé shape,
Thatday will come soon ,
If humanity wont awake !!!!



2. a wish to die

Posted: September 21, 2012 by nishu in Introspective poems
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Why dont we first decide,
Is it life or death is nice,
We fear death,
Complain about life,
Are we clear ,
with the concepts ,
are they right??

I feel I’ve a passion to die,
I wana see the world
god hide,
Moreover, there is nothing,
That make me feel alive,
may be a better world waiting that side !!


3.The lost essence

Posted: September 19, 2012 by nishu in Spiritual poems
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What else can a flower spread , but a pleasant scent , what more can you expect from life, leaving off its torment !! What is that taught as love, why no one cleared its an offence, What else can you discover from a human life , rather than some values with lost essence !! *senora* …

1.the place we live

Posted: September 8, 2012 by nishu in Spiritual poems
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We live in such a magnificient world ,
On the land we live is known as earth,
All those who are born so just ,
Their search start right from the birth !!
Infact its an unknown search ,
Some think they are searching peace,
Others believe its wealth that they search,
A few are found searching for fame,
Many say searching god is worth !!
We search it here and there we search,
To questions unknown answers we search,
The life ends somewhere between this search,
We never realise we search for love!!!!!!


3. Endless dreams

Posted: August 22, 2012 by nishu in Desire - poems
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As long as m on earth..
I dream everyday..
I dream to fly
Up in the sky..
I dream to touch
The words of my soul.
As long as i am on this earth!
Sometimes i dream
While asleep but
Other times m awake.
I see the impurities
Of human as a being.
I dream of truth
I dream of joy
I dream of purity
That can never die.
As long as i am on this earth
I dream & dream a beautiful world

11 .Unfairly exact

Posted: August 15, 2012 by nishu in Life - Poems
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To all those little stars,
Shining who forget,
and sparkling gloomy drops,
In the eyes turning red !!!!
To each ray of sun ,
That burns the earth’s chest,
And each morning prayer,
thats burried in life’s unrest !!!! To dozens of lovely smiles,
their ways who forget,
And tiny gleaming hopes,
Losing remaining breaths!!!!
I want to tell them now,
they’re unwanted not blessed,
miserable,wounded and torn,
god is unfair exact !!!!


5 .Whyy??

Posted: July 29, 2012 by nishu in Life - Poems
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Where are we all,
What’s beyond the sky,
Where does this earth ends,
Where it joins the sky.

Why life has been given to us,
Why we people die,
Where we go after death,
Where to comply.

Why we can’t hang in the air,
Why do birds fly,
who taught us to smile,
Where we learnt to cry.

Why do the rivers flow,
Why do they dry,
Why seas are so deep,
why are mountains high.

Why do we love the one, than later we deny, we make hell for ourselves, by saying them goodbye. *senora*