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4. The deepest misery

Posted: September 28, 2012 by nishu in heart-poems
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One of the deepest miseries , one suffer infact , Is bearing a relation , From years which is dead !! The broken desires weep, The hopes too yell, For being left unwed , To say words unsaid !! The heart haunt soul, The thirst for love excel , The torment infinite, Each moment turns hell !! And world still believe , God is impartial , The truth stays unheard, In screeching temple bells !!!! *senora*

6. Left unread

Posted: September 22, 2012 by nishu in My favourite poems
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Alive but dead,
Happy but sad,
Lonely in crowd,
hiding sorrow`s each shred !!

Breaking inside ,
Wearing smiles perfect, big eyes gleaming , inward red !! Appearance though bold, trembling each tread, breathing so tough, with dreams unwed !! interpreting world, herself unread, imitations proceed , trueness misread !!!! *senora*

3. Memories are our parts

Posted: September 10, 2012 by nishu in memories-poems
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We all have some memories ,
memories so near to heart , weren’t always a past,
dead hard to forget,
impossible to last !!

Memories live in us,
they are the parts of our heart,
Though nowhere now,
live somewhere inside heart,
we live them again,
with each day’s start !!


14. Endless pain…..

Posted: August 17, 2012 by nishu in About me - poems
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Its like I’m dead and still breathing,
Like I’ve reached the edge and still moving,
Its like the show is over and I’m still watching,
Its like I’m drowned in tears and still crying ,
Like flames no more and I’m still burning,
The pain made me unconcious and wounds still hurting ,
Its like the game is over and I’m still standing,
its like I’m no more
and still suffering!!!!!


1. Lost & dead

Posted: August 15, 2012 by nishu in Depression-poems
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I wish not to feel,
And not to be felt ,
I wish to be forgotten,
And to completely forget !!
I wish to be lost ,
Lost never to get ,
No memories behind ,
No remembrance left !!
This place is not for me,
Or I am not worth like rest,
Only breaths disturb,
otherwise I am dead !!


7.can we forget ?

Posted: August 1, 2012 by nishu in Love - poems
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Days and nights, east or west, it was a long wrest , tough tried to console, avoided all unrest,
to forget each mark, each memory you left .

When awake when slept ,
continued the quest.
inside me no rest ,
a battle going exact,
to forget each memory, each mark you left . Days went on, years too spent , hollowing myself , from those days of zest, the marks and moments,
I long to forget . A voice from inside, than raised and said, stop chaining your heart ,
you now and accept ,
to forget what you want ,
you need to be dead ,
they’ve become your part,
you never can forget,
you cannot ,
you can not forget!!!!!


4. I am

Posted: July 23, 2012 by nishu in About me - poems
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So what if people say i am wrong….
So what if i am disliked whether duskor dawn…
So what if nothing favours and fate yawns,
so what if each moment i am sad andworries haunt…
I’ve to live and walk till i’m all dead,
i need to please god so my soul can rest,
this world may not understand my haste,
but i know i’m wounded in this life’s quest!!!!