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I’ve some questions to raise,
To whole human race,
Which is believed to be great,
Though more than half are fake !!

I want to know why human are born hypocrites?
why are they never straight?
What is the reason behind wearing a mask on their face?
Why overflowing with greed?
From here what can they take?
And still we repeat human are great !!

Why cannot they speak truth?
Why the hell they hesitate?
On it, pretend, doing for others sake,
everything kept on stake,
When will the souls wake?
The world is what we make,
The egos will break,
When earth will shake,
Skies will quake,
Every bit will losé shape,
Thatday will come soon ,
If humanity wont awake !!!!



5. Shade of desires

Posted: August 18, 2012 by nishu in Desire - poems
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One more name of life is desire , sometimes blue sometimes green desires, sometimes make and sometimes break desires, sometimes we love & sometimes hate desires, sometimes go & sometimes take desires, sometimes smile & sometimescry desires, sometimes revive & simetimes kill desires!!!! *senora*