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All the while in this adventure called life,
Surrounded with feelings we walk on our side.
Dreams hover our senses,
in numerous shapes and size,

What a mysterious journey is life !!!

Views,overviews,class and style,
So wonderful are some paths,
So tragic are some sides.
forever beautiful for few ,
flooding water from few eyes.

How mysterious is life !!!

While we busy in loving,
Others may cook disguise .
While we busy in crying,
laughters may come on our side.
Nothing do we know ,
Except that god decide.

How mysterious is life !!!

Millions of questions raise in mind,
thousands aspects of wrong and right,
Endless battles with ourselves we fight,
Trying to know the secrets god hide.
Moving on and covering the mile.s.

How mysterious is this adventure called life !!!



Pleasing sorrows ,dying is life,
Beautiful ! Beautiful ! Beautiful disguise !!

What to say and what to hide,
Beautiful ! Beautiful ! Beautiful disguise !!

Costly is hate and love lost price ,
Beautiful ! Beautiful ! Beautiful disguise !!

Dark are days and nights so bright,
Beautiful ! Beautiful ! Beautiful disguise !!

lieng truths and gloomy smiles,
Beautiful ! Beautiful ! Beautiful disguise !!

Laughters cry with tears in eyes,
What a big mystery is life !!!!

Hate for love is seen in eyes,
Beautiful ! Beautiful ! Beautiful disguise !!


1. Life worth hate

Posted: September 17, 2012 by nishu in Just for my mom
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I`ve captured in my eyes ,
Some scenes that changed the definitions of life !!
I remember the day,
I saw her face ,
was she my mom ,
Or i commited a mistake??
Such blank were her eyes,
She saw me but didnt smile, the first blow on heart ever did i take,
i remember the day,
I saw her face!
I felt my legs were trembling,
got bend and touched her face, than fed her with my hands,
Smiling for her sake!
A fight proceeded for life,
thereafter for a couple of days,
She was was so young and beautiful,
and life ugly and cruel, worth enough to hate!!


2. New world

Posted: September 12, 2012 by nishu in Hope poems
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A new world would be there,
So far away from this one,
So that no one could ever peep here,
Even if it remains the last part to be aware!!

No rules, no laws, no nations and tribes exist where,
Only language of love would prevail everywhere,
No traditions to bind your desires,
No religión not to be loved anywhere!!

Nothing would kill your love affair,
As there wont be relations unfair,
All would have a reason to smile,
No regrets, no sorrow, just life, just atmosphere !!


3. Endless dreams

Posted: August 22, 2012 by nishu in Desire - poems
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As long as m on earth..
I dream everyday..
I dream to fly
Up in the sky..
I dream to touch
The words of my soul.
As long as i am on this earth!
Sometimes i dream
While asleep but
Other times m awake.
I see the impurities
Of human as a being.
I dream of truth
I dream of joy
I dream of purity
That can never die.
As long as i am on this earth
I dream & dream a beautiful world

4. a soul without heart

Posted: August 22, 2012 by nishu in Sad - poems
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I want to move on a lonesome path,
where no memories can tear me apart !!
Neither remembrance of the golden past,
nor memories of darkest parts!!
I want to move on a lonesome path,
where none of the soul
carries a heart!!
Heart is the origin of each downfall,
it dominates the soul and push us hard!!!!
I want to move on a lonesome path,
where i am a soul
without this heart!!


1. Grave

Posted: August 11, 2012 by nishu in Mother poems
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once the world was pleasant,
And the joys were complete,
Once when nights were dark,
And still hearts had peace!
The eyes were filled with hope,
Never longed for a sleep,
Once when sun was bright,
And i could feel the heat!
suddenly i was raised,
From that beautiful dream,Thrown in mid of world,
And their ways of cruel treat!
May be the soul was hurt,
Or broken into piece,
The birds stopped singing,
As they had never tweet!!
once when world was pleasant and joys were complete,
What changed the world , why did itchange,
Thats something to the god i shrieked,
He smiled at my soul,
Before he started to speak!!
my child! The world is same,
I must again repeat,
Its u who bear the differnce,
And cannot stop to weep,
U felt joy n pleasure,
Just when ur mother didnt go,
For her everlasting sleep!! (in my mother’s memory

3. Hidden truth

Posted: August 9, 2012 by nishu in My favourite poems
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Its a grip of never-ending sorrow, that surrounds me in main!! The smiles that i carryon my lips, they absorb a hidden pain!! These eyes were full of beautiful dreams, i don’t want to see those dreams again!! Life is so long and tough as though, i want to escape without bargain!! *senora*

I know not if life is life, i can’t even say surely that death is death, i never experienced life nor deathcame to me ever!! What i know is a world, thats so high above the seven skies, i feel someone callsme there, a bright world i see, where all people smile, i see even my mom there smiling, whenever i feel tired of everything, i see my mom’s smiling face, she says dont worry , just a bit more and ur reaching here, here where i am there your sorrow will be no more, u’ll be happy m spreading my arms, Don’t fall, don’t break, just a bit more and your destination will come, these thorny paths of life will be no more, your feet will get hurt no more becauseof life’s cruel ways, and than ……….look up m waiting for you in this beautiful world ,its all yours and me too!!!

  • 5 .a beautiful disguise

    Posted: July 29, 2012 by nishu in Love - poems
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    I still remember that pair of eyes,
    love pouring beautiful disguise.

    Some moments of tender care,
    than a run barefoot for rest of the life.
    memories of gleaming days,
    still live in my eyes.
    i flow them though with each tear i hide.