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6. Please pay attention for a moment !!

Posted: October 12, 2012 by nishu in MY NOTES TO YOU


On the demand of my readers I am elaborating some of my writeups in form of making some more parts of those which are highly praised by you all !!

Thank you !!


5. Apologies towards my visitors!!

Posted: September 25, 2012 by nishu in MY NOTES TO YOU

  I am extremely sorry to all those who wrote four thousand comments on my blog in last few days……while I was reading them ,by some unknown system error ,they themselves got deleted , it happened suddenly . Infact its an unrepairable loss for me too………..I am really sad it happened and really very very sorry to you all!! Hope to be forgiven ………..’apologies’ your very own *senora*

4 .At present my efforts ……

Posted: September 5, 2012 by senoranishu in MY NOTES TO YOU

are to reply to the comments of all my readers, commentators, visitors and critics !! Though its tough as if am getting more than twelve hundred comments daily.

Your likes , your praises , your views and criticism is my only treasure of life coz if may die and leave the wealth here one day, but my poems , my impresión will always be there in your hearts and thats immortal !!

I want my earnings not in dollars but in emotions!! I promise to answer each comment and if will do it!!!!!
Keep making me richer by commenting !!!!! 🙂

And I don’t even know why so…..:(


I am cherishing your words!!! For me your views are more important than my writeups!! Hope you trust me !!!!!


I’m not very smart about the widgets provided here…can you please reply whether this my community widget I am using …shows the proper number of community or cannot show more than
50 or so
Plzzz reply …i’ll be obliged…..thanks ….waiting……