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My queen

Posted: October 24, 2012 by nishu in Just for my mom

In the dead of nights,
i still have those dreams,
and still hear my screams,
standing beside when her eyes lost gleam !!”>

Like world was falling,
dropping each bit on me,
like i lost myself,
and hollowed me that scene !!

Looking at her face,
telling all my senses ,
its nothing as it seems,
she will open eyes and i did really mean !!

She was my passion,
she was my real queen,
she was my lovely mom
the reason of my being !!

She left me years ago,
but i am living in that scene,
told her million times in dreams,
without her how life has been !!!!


1. Life worth hate

Posted: September 17, 2012 by nishu in Just for my mom
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I`ve captured in my eyes ,
Some scenes that changed the definitions of life !!
I remember the day,
I saw her face ,
was she my mom ,
Or i commited a mistake??
Such blank were her eyes,
She saw me but didnt smile, the first blow on heart ever did i take,
i remember the day,
I saw her face!
I felt my legs were trembling,
got bend and touched her face, than fed her with my hands,
Smiling for her sake!
A fight proceeded for life,
thereafter for a couple of days,
She was was so young and beautiful,
and life ugly and cruel, worth enough to hate!!