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5.The pure heart

Posted: October 5, 2012 by nishu in heart-poems
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Firstly, the stress was more,
And on it, the heart was pure!! waiting to get genuine share of love,
For rest of the things, no lure !!

Unknown to realities of life ,
the faith in god’s justice was sure,
A day will come,
When smiles will adore !!

Cruel teacher was life,
shown world so impure ,
With sharpest eyes too,
All seem obscure !!

To trust god is one’s ease,
but he never insure ,
Situations worse or worst,
no options just endure,
countless injuries altogether,
To abandon one inure !!



4. The deepest misery

Posted: September 28, 2012 by nishu in heart-poems
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One of the deepest miseries , one suffer infact , Is bearing a relation , From years which is dead !! The broken desires weep, The hopes too yell, For being left unwed , To say words unsaid !! The heart haunt soul, The thirst for love excel , The torment infinite, Each moment turns hell !! And world still believe , God is impartial , The truth stays unheard, In screeching temple bells !!!! *senora*

3. The two extensive eyes

Posted: September 28, 2012 by nishu in heart-poems
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The two extensive eyes,
Busy capturing the sights,
composed their own view,
devised their own style,
To envision and assess life !!

They resolved ,
Birth may happen once,
but numerous times one dies,
in bits god nurtures ,
to move for paths bright,
And preaches essence of life !!

Leisurely we learn,
The patterns life precise ,
We die with our hopes,
Than with our desires we die,
Seperation is a death,
diversely which revise !!

When someone breaks faith,
Again we demise,
The two expansive eyes ,
sprinkles true insights ,
They composed their vision,
Impart things wise !!


2. the bleeding heart

Posted: September 1, 2012 by senoranishu in heart-poems
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The heart almost bleeding ,
The mind was so tense,
like tears were asking if they can commence ,
When a life was ruined in dark deep silence !!

The stars were shining ,
And flowers had incense,
The weather so pleasant ,
When happened that offense!!

The soul asked the heart ,
Why you made love intense,
To love someone truly,
Is now an offense!!

You’re the real faulter,
You had not sense,
When crime has been done,
Now pay its expense!!!!!


1. Unanswered cries

Posted: August 26, 2012 by nishu in heart-poems
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No stars,no moon, though some flowers bloom,
A thousand gloomy eyes,
covered with fume!!
A gloomy face smile,
An effort that fails soon,
How long one can act,
how much to consume!!
A million broken hearts,torned and ruined ,
long terrific task of life,
trying to commune. A hundred unanswered questions , answers are with whom ????? *senora*