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2 .Pain by divine

Posted: October 22, 2012 by nishu in god-poems
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The millons of moments one live,
each is carved by divine,
blaming and praising each-other,
we live upto his design !!

Though no one use the knife,
The scars are pre-designed,
ought to live in pain,
appeared to him giving in prime !!!!




Some people live without a wish to survive ,
Others few die with an aw for life.
the conspirator plans,
The game so wild.

He evokes desires in hearts and eyes,
Than throw them away from our sight.
Himself create truth and with it lies,
than blames us saying its we who build disguise .

Love or hate he lighten in souls from above the skies,
We are only puppets who dance on his voice.
Almighty lord has a deep insight,
We cannot even control our birth and day to die.