5. Author’s-information

Warm welcome to you !!

Hy…….this is senora , the author of this blog, the one you write comments to !!

A big hellow , lots of greetings and all my best wishes for each of you reading me !!

I am senoraroy, age – 30, a teacher by profession, a poetess by nature, a child at heart and my subject is ENGLISH . Above all ,I am an indian.

I don’t believe in any kind of differences stated by any of the human.I’ve full faith in god’s way of seeing a human . He sees human as good and evil, rest everything from the color of blood till the number of legs, all are same. A sound mind never rely on any system made on the basis of castes, nations, so on.

The blog picture you see at the top of each of my blog is obviously ME , I am stating this with stress because the people who write comments on the blog , some of them ask me the number of authors writing for it , some say ‘ you’ve done a fantastic work, man !!’ So me making it very clear to all that I am a female and I am really thankful to god for this.

The only writer of all the write ups you read on my blogs is ME only yet !! When I started building it, my motive was merely collecting all what I write at one place. I very honestly accept that not even my dreams ever I had this impression that you all will like it so much and praise me soooo soooo much. I , in the main blog of this( senoras_creations ) series of blogs , have got more than 35,000 thousand comments till day. As far as I remember , my blog is not more than four months old . Its amazing and enlightening experience for me really. I feel blessed and love to talk to the people who are so kind that they write and praise me !!

I must remark here that all that you all are writing for me have a great value for me , they are precious and I will cherish them till my last breath. The more I thank you , is and will always be less in return.

Senoraroy is my pen name and its very close to my heart , if it was an option, I would have replaced my official name years ago. I love to be known by this name only.

Now, if anyone wana contact me regarding any issue , either you can leave a comment on the blog or straight away you can talk to me at facebook , my facebook links are on the blog and here too I am writing it below :::::

Senora.roy@facebook.com !!

Please keep talking and you can straight away write to me whatever bad or wrong you find in my write ups. My intention will never be to hurt any of your sentiment, but mistakingly or unknowingly if I ever write any such things , please tell my mistake so that I must not repeat it !!

” With all my love ”



  1. sms lån says:

    When I initially commented I clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added-checkbox and now every time a remark is added I get four emails with the same comment. Is there any way you may remove me from that service? Thanks!

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