27. The lord will justify !!

Posted: October 25, 2012 by nishu in Love - poems

Those who vowed to be close forever,
have denied they even remember,
the moments the days spent together,
spirit of sport though appreciated,
if not life, their game would be better !!

Still the desire to play with emotions,
display of feelings possessed never,
the other one killed to death whether,
the game is over for them no matter !!

The sin committed just for pleasure,
the purest feelings of heart when gather,
broken hearts than never get up,
Curse their life for having love feathers !!!!

diminishes faith in lord, the assessor ,
Will there be a difficult day for such stressor,
victory he gifts to those opressors,
No hurts, no wounds in their travel ,
Who will justify my lord the saviour !!


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